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Quality Management System - Medical Devices

Quality Management Systems (QMS) – All you need to know about them

As a Quality Management System (QMS) we define a formalized system of a company’s processes, procedures, and responsibilities, in order to achieve quality processes and objectives. A QMS is focused on meeting customer and regulatory requirements and, thus, improving its effectiveness and enhancing the customer’s satisfaction. In this article, we will focus on companies operating […]

[COMPANY NEWS] We are certified!

[COMPANY NEWS] We are certified!

We welcome the new year with some pretty good news. We managed to get the Cyber Essentials certificate. Last month we applied to receive the Cyber Essentials certificate and it was very great news that we managed to get certified with it. But what does that mean? What Cyber Essentials certificate does is protecting you […]

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Independent compliance consulting to software as a medical device and medical apps in health and pharma sector

Our Team

Our aim is to help software testers and quality engineers to work more efficiently.
We have two locations to serve our customers within Greece and UK. We are located in Thessaloniki, Greece and Oxford, UK since 2019, occupying a small team of software engineers who love to automate.

Evangelos Mantadakis

Evangelos Mantadakis