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We were hosted in TechSaloniki’s newsletter!

July 23, 2021 - By Sofia Kargioti - News

We were hosted in TechSaloniki’s newsletter!

We were hosted in TechSaloniki’s newsletter, under the “It’s a Start-up world” category and it was a really great experience! You can find their blog about QC Analytics here.

But what is TechSaloniki?

In 2016, 15 technology companies of Thessaloniki were in need of human resources to fill job vacancies, so, in October of the same year, the first TechSaloniki took place.

Since then, more than 40 technology companies have supported TechSaloniki. Indicatively, more than 5000 candidates have participated, more than 2500 interviews have been conducted, and more than 220 people have been hired.

Their goal, in addition to meeting the needs of human resources, is to create an ecosystem of technology companies in Thessaloniki, which will highlight the competitive career opportunities available to young graduates and experienced professionals. This will result in the reduction of the unemployment gap and the brain drain abroad.

What exactly do they do?

  • Every year since 2016, they hold a 2-day event where IT companies try to bridge the gap of unemployment and unfilled positions in Thessaloniki.

  • TechSaloniki supports people who want to excel in their careers, making sure that community building is always at the forefront.

  • TechSaloniki screens lots of candidates each year and selects those with exceptional, high-impact potential so that the best candidates end up in the best places.

Why do they do it?

The reasons behind TechSaloniki are:

  • 41% of young Greek professionals are willing to move to another country for better career opportunities,
  • A small percentage of 15% of Greek graduates is optimistic about finding a job within the next 6 months,
  • Between 2010-2013 over 200.000 skilled Greek developers have left the country.

TechSaloniki’s impact

Let’s take a look at TechSaloniki’s impact all these years:

  • Bringing together IT Companies, start-ups, local authorities,
  • Motivate Greek students and employees to pursue an international career in Thessaloniki,
  • Learn from each other and become stronger together,
  • Make Thessaloniki a technological destination for IT companies abroad, who want to expand their business in Greece.

For more information about TechSaloniki make sure to visit their website here.