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5 things to check when choosing a certification body

November 18, 2019 - By Evangelos Mantadakis - Insights

5 things to check when choosing a certification body

Going through ISO certification requires to choose the certification body that will audit. Here below we are listing a number of parameters you may need to consider while going through the selection process.

1. Accreditation

Make sure that the certification body is accredited. Non-accredited certification bodies are not recognised by certain clients and you will find the process more difficult.

Accreditation is the safest way to ensure that your certificate will be universally accepted when you’re bidding for contracts in both the private and public sectors .

A full list of accredited certification bodies in Greece can be found in this link http://www.esyd.gr/portal/p/esyd/en/pinakestop.jsp

2. Audit Fees

Choosing a certification body means that you will be signing in some cases a 3-year contract. Through that time, you will need to cover the audit expenses such as the initial certification cost plus any annual inspection costs. Audit fees are not fixed across all certification bodies. Make sure you understand the fees at your quote.

3. Auditor’s availability

There is a general rule, that the larger the certification body is, the longer you have to wait for an auditor to be available. The next audit date in some cases could be available only in 2 or in 3 months from now. So just be aware of in order to schedule your strategic goals better.   

4. Specialization and Experience

Frequently, a certification body has a field of expertise. For instance, construction, or medical devices or information technology. Make sure that the certification body’s field of expertise matches your needs.

5. Your company’s vision

Think far ahead. Check if your company’s vision, size certification future needs could be satisfied by the same certification body. As an example, If this year you have a target to be certified by ISO 9001 and next year to be certified by ISO 27001, make sure that the chosen certification body will be able to cover both of your needs as well. 

Last but not least, trust your guts. At the end of the day, the contractual relationship between the certification body and your company should be based upon trust. Make sure there is a human element in this. Maintaining your certification could be a challenging journey with ups and downs.