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QC Page Metrics is now available on Marketplace!

Ιανουάριος 31, 2023 - By Σοφία Καργιώτη - Insights, News, Product Release

QC Page Metrics is now available on Marketplace!

Our newest app, QC Page Metrics, is now available on Atlassian Marketplace and we are thrilled!

QC Page Metrics is our first Forge app and is designed and developed to help users measure the performance of their Confluence documents and improve them according to their needs.

We wanted to develop this app for some time now and we decided it was a great fit for Codegeist 2022, in which we took part last fall.

A few words about the app

The QC Page Metrics app is the newest addition to our inventory, being the fourth Confluence Cloud app we provide via Atlassian Marketplace and our first app built by using Forge.

There are two challenges that we wanted to overcome with this application:

  • to develop a better and faster way to measure the effectiveness of the documents,
  • to develop a better and faster way of improving the content of those documents.

QC Page Metrics is a tool that helps you improve the quality of your Confluence pages by counting page attributes like Page views, user Feedback, user Collaboration, Tasks, Content, Readability score, and Layout.

You can read the full documentation of the app on our Support Site.

You can also download the QC Page Metrics app directly from Atlassian Marketplace here.

qc page metrics logo
QC Page Metrics logo

A few words about Codegeist

Codegeist is Atlassian’s hackathon for developers, happening once a year and offering the possibility to developers to build their custom apps by using Forge, Atlassian’s serverless development platform.

You can build apps that can be used with Confluence, Jira, Jira Service Management, and Compass, and your apps can help DevOps teams, IT teams, or Business teams.

Codegeist is a good way to unleash your creative side whether you already have a team or if you’re looking to be part of a new one. It also offers some great prizes.

Check out the Atlassian Developer Swag Pack you can win just by participating. We're definitely going to start drinking our morning coffee in this cup!