About us

QC Analytics is an independent compliance consulting company delivering software solutions for medical devices and apps in the health and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have two locations to serve our customers within Greece and the UK. We are located in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Oxford, the UK since 2019.

QC Analytics is working with small and medium-sized enterprises to deliver their medical device products to the market.

Our mission is to help Quality Engineers to work more efficiently.

Our approach

We are a fully remote working company, so the consulting projects are also conducted this way.

The steps we take while following the remote working approach are:

  1. Investigate
    • Interview key stakeholders
    • Analyze workflow, current approach and practices
    • Determine deficiencies
  2. Brainstorm
    • Define next maturity level
    • Define priorities
  3. Implement
    • Introduce practices/processes and tools
    • Identify external training needs.

Our team

Our team consists of three members:

Evangelos Mantadakis, who is the company’s Manager,

Mike Vakalos, who is the Software Developer, and

Sofia Kargioti, who is the Business Developer.

Enabling continuous software quality assurance