Save the date! “Get to know QC apps” webinar

Our very first webinar is here! Join us on Wednesday 23rd of December at the “Get to know QC apps” event that we organize.

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Meet our team in QC Analytics, the people behind our Atlassian Confluence apps.

  • Train new employees on your company’s internal processes painlessly.
  • Group your employees into teams and assign each team to its own processes.
  • Learn tips on how to get the most out of your employees’ training process with QC Read and Understood by attending our webinar.

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  • Create Process pages to manage your ISO Documents.
  • Add IDs to your Documents.
  • Assign revision value and print out Internal references.
  • Register for the webinar and learn how you can do all that with the help of QC Documents.

Ask us any questions regarding our topic through the Q&A session and we’ll discuss it together after the add-ons’ presentations.

Once the webinar is over, you will receive an email with a survey attached. Note that we won’t store or use any personal information, for whatsoever reason, since the survey will be anonymous. We would like your feedback, so don’t forget to answer all the questions included.

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